To friends of old and those we have not met yet, 


This is the story of ACM.


Like many local businesses struggling to get off the ground, ACM had an ‘ah-ha!’ moment that would change everything.


For us, it started with family.


I started this company out of pure necessity and to provide the basic comforts for my family, including its newest member, by new-born son. Yes, I recently became a father, a heavy responsibility. If you find yourself in the parenting club, you can undoubtedly relate to both the joys and the tears that come part and parcel with the job. Whatever assurances I was given during my wife’s pregnancy, I can promise you the reality of parenting isn’t as easy as reading a few how-to books. The responsibility of being a parent weighs heavily since day one, and questions such as 'How will I feed my family?' , ' What role model do I want to become?', and 'What values do I want to pass to my children? ' keep me up late at night.

At its core, my motivation is simple: I want to create a safe, clean environment for my son to grow up in. I want to be part of a community that’s proud to call Tāmaki Makaurau home. With my motivations firmly in place and my previous experience in the commercial cleaning service , I took a leap of faith and establish ACM in 2018.


Since then, I’ve dedicated all my efforts to finding creative solutions to your challenges.  What started as a sole dreamer in an old Nissan has now grown to a dedicated workforce of eight that all share a passion for excellence.


While I started ACM as a way to provide for my family, what I discovered was so much more. ACM is more than a business, it’s my second family. We at ACM are big believers in just-in-time learning, and while we’ve learned a lot as the ACM family has grown, we’re not ready to stop just yet. 


Thank you for taking the time to read our story. It’s one I can’t wait to share proudly with my son in the future.  


It’s a story about hard work, dedication, taking chances, and building community. 


If you aren’t already a part of it, I invite to help us write the next chapter. 



Yours sincerely, 


Santiago de los Reyes

Director at ACM 

M +64 2102352878