Neat Desk
How much it will cost?

Every job is different and needs different tools, that is why we will give you a free quote after assess what needs to be done. 

Roof treatment or roof wash?

It will depend on your roof and water collection, a technician will assess which one is the right one for your place.

Do you complain with all the Health and Safety regulations?

Yes, we do. Our team is always controlled by our Health and safety advisor who is in charge of the safety of the crew. 

Is my site too big/my place too small? 

There is no small jobs for us, we will quote it and we will do it. For extensive projects we have partnered with some of the best tradies in NZ to achieve our goals.

I am not happy with the job done what do I do?

First we encourage our clients to talk with the team leader, he/she well be able to fix in situ whatever could be happening. But if that was not possible, let us know and we will try our best to correct whatever is not right. 

What chemicals do you use?

We only choose eco friendly chemicals, none of them will harm any vegetation you could have around the site. 

I can't see what I am looking for in your services.

Give us a call, send us an email, most certainly we can help you out.